What is The Purpose of SEO and its Types-2019 Updated

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our first post on SEO and we thought we’d start off right at the beginning.  When we speak to clients and website owners we find quite often that they don’t really understand what SEO is – here’s our own (very simplified) explanation of SEO and what it’s purpose is.

In a nutshell:  SEO is a way of describing to search engines exactly what an individual web page is about, why the content on that web page is so unique and special and deserves to be ranked highly in the results pages. digital marketing course in Rohini

It is to help the search engines understand the content and context of your page and convince them that it is a valuable resource on the subject.

In practice with SEO what we do is focus the subject matter of the page and use all available elements / tags and SEO techniques to reinforce the context and to give the page an air of authority on the subject – so when someone searches on a particular subject/product/ matter the search engine brings up our web page as a highly relevant and regarded resource.

Essentially there are 2 types of Search Engine Optimisation:-

1. on-page / on-site SEO

2. off-site SEO

What is on Page SEO?

On page concentrates on the text within the webpage/website, the various tags and elements etc within the webpage that we can use to let the search engines know what the page is about.  

On-site SEO covers things like site architecture, internal linking structure, internal anchor text (what wordage you use in your links), page titles, headings, descriptions and keywords etc.

What is off Page SEO? 

Off-site SEO is about getting relevant links to your web pages from respected resources to reinforce your on-page / on-site factors.

In essence, off-site SEO is about getting other websites to recommend your website as a trusted resource on a particular subject by linking to it.

It is the word-of-mouth that increases the popularity of your offering.  In other words – you create relevant meaningful content and then other people tell the search engines how good it is.

The on-page / on-site factors are easily controlled by the website owner and therefore generally not weighted as highly as ranking factors as the external off-site factors (although the weightings do shift all of the time). digital marketing training in Rohini

So, in order to rank as well as possible, a good SEO effort will optimise the on-page and on-site factors and then go about building links into the site to create some link-popularity.

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